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From more than 30 years, we are the top guar gum suppliers for food industries, medical sector, textile industries, paper mills, cosmetics etc. Guar gum is an extracted from guar beans and dehusked, milled, and pulverized to transform into powder form. India and Pakistan are two popular hubs for guar gum beans. When guar gum is added into food, it converts liquid into thick solution. This is the reason it is used for cake, sauce, and other baking items to prepare interesting eatables. Guar gum has become necessity today especially for food and medical sector. Its viscosity value is eight time higher than corn, starch or other thickening agents available in market. The temperature range should be from 20 to 40 degree Celsius to obtain desirable viscosity. If temperature increases above 80 degree then viscosity will start reducing slightly.

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Refined guar gum generally attains viscosity quickly than coarse guar gum. We are the reliable guar gum suppliers offer refined guar gum powder at very suitable prices always. The application of guar gum powder does not end here. It has limitless capabilities and can be used as a weight reducing agent too due to high fiber content. This is our quality product range only due to which we have been able to establish ourselves most reliable guar gum suppliers across India. Our products are always prepared using most sophisticated manufacturing techniques and latest technologies. We always keep updating ourselves based on current market trends and our customer demands. Owning to quality product range, we are able to retain trust of our customers since decades. We are not only popular in Indian market but our guar gum products are exported in overseas market too. To get quality guar gum products, contact leading guar gum suppliers now.You can also request for bulk purchasing in order to get attractive discounts and offers.
Guar Gum Suppliers Techniques To Make Best Thickening
Since guar gum doesn’t require heat for thickening so it is able to work even at room temperature. Guar gum is tasteless so it does not add any flavor to target product.  But you have to make sure either it should be added in little amount or bulk. Further, stir well to get thicker paste as required for particular application. When it is added in bulk then gummy paste will form that is completely useless. Today, guar gum is taken best substitute for corn starch or flour worldwide and it is widely accepted by food industries too. TO know more on guar gum , it is always better to contact leading manufacturers or Guar gum Suppliers right away. Guar gum is added in salad for garnishing items and its utilization in food industry is just remarkable.

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