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About Guar Gum India

Guar gum is a members of pea family that is majorly produced in India and Pakistan by reputed Guar gum manufactures and exporters. The other minor producers are China, Africa, USA, Australia etc.

It is dehusked, screened, milled and further pulverized to obtain refined guar powder to use with multiple industries. Guar Gum India is extracted through guar bean and it is used as a thickening agent and emulsifier in food industries.

According to guar gum powder exporter, gum powder has almost eight times better thickening capabilities than corn, starch or other similar food agents. It is added in sauces, jams, dairy products, and baking mixes to give enough thickening to a product that it can be transformed into useful eatables.

The other uses explained by guar gum powder manufacturers include food industry, pet food, oil drilling, construction, mining, beverage, paper manufacturing, textiles, printing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

This powder is commonly utilized for stabilizing, as thickening agent, for texturing for few industrial foods and also at times as emulsify. Many industrial products are using it like yogurts, body lotions, instant soups, bottled soya, coconut & almond milk etc…

Guar Gum India – Best Thickening Agent For Food Industry

Guar gum is best stabilizing agent that is generally derived from cluster or guar beans which is largely produced in India. The benefits of guar beans are just the endless. They are usually taken best to prepare gluten free baked items and also added in ice-creams, gravies or pudding etc. When taken practically, Guar gum has eight times more thickening properties as compared to corn starch.

What are the advantages of Guar gum India?

  • It has almost eight times more thickening power than corn starch and almost double thickening capability than flour.
  • It does not breakdown easily like corn starch and does not form any lumps as well. The best part is that it does not require any heat to get thicken and it hydrates quickly within few minutes.
  • It needs to add in small amount only otherwise it may form lumps or spoil the whole recipe completely. The correct ratio idea can be get from experts and it always works pretty well for guar gum manufacturers.
  • There is a several benefits & applications of Guar gum powder. In-fact a huge majority of approx 70% of food industry applications of today’s fast paced industry and grew drastically.

Choose reputed guar gum exporters for quality guar powder as it has various health benefits like reducing weight, promotes easy bowel movement etc. Initially, gaur gum powder should be boiled properly in hot water. For people who are interested in reducing weight, it helps to reduce amount of calories inside human body resulting in weight loss.

Surprisingly, it is been found that Guar powder can hold approx 8 times of water than even cornstarch. Although due been proven a good natural alternative for baking & cooking it is especially great for preparing gluten-free flours for household & beauty recipes etc..

Medicinal Benefits Of Guar Gum Powder

  • It is perfect to treat snakebites and it also boosts eyesight and your vision.
  • Gar gum has antibacterial properties that helps you to fight against skin diseases like ringworms, fungal infections etc.
  • If your child has constipation problem and he suffers from fever or cold frequently then start giving him guar powder today. It manages teething, constipation, and fever etc.
  • The guar powder has strong capability to fight against typhoid causing bacteria and it keeps you healthy all the time.
  • For children, it is useful in treating of various health problems like constipation, cold & fever, teething etc.
  • It keeps you healthy as it capability to fight against typhoid causing bacteria.

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This gum easily gets disperses into water, hydrated and swells quickly to form a viscous solution. The viscosity attained generally depends on several factors like temperature, pH value, agitation rate, size of particle and concentration etc. If temperature will be low then lower the rate at which viscosity will be attained. Tip by guar gum manufacturer – Above 80c the final viscosity is slightly reduced. The finer guar gum powder swells more rapidly than coarse powdered gum.

Regulatory information of Guar Gum Powder

HS-Code : 130.232.30
21 Code of Federal Regulation : 184.1339
CAS No. : 9000-30-0
EEC No. : E412
BT No. : 1302.3290
EINECS No. : 232.536.8
Imco-Code: Harmless

Function of Guar Gum

Natural thickener Agent Hydrocolloid
Emulsifier Gelling agent
Stabilizer Natural Fiber
Bonding agent Fracturing agent
Guar Gum India Properties Guar gum is mainly consisting of the high molecular weight polysaccharides composed of galactomannans which are consisting of a linear chain of (1→4)-linked β-D-mannopyranosyl unitswith (1→6)-linked α-D-galactopyranosyl residues as side chains. The mannose: galactose ratio is approximately 2:1. The molecular weight range is 50,000-8,000,000. Guar Gum Chemical Structure Explain By Guar Gum Exporters Guar Gum Chemical Structure

Benefits of Guar Gum

Guar gum is used as a laxative. preventing “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis)
Guar Gum also used in many medical treatment Guar Gum is also used in food and beverage industry as
treating diarrhea Thickening agent
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Stabilizing agent
obesity Suspending agent
diabetes binding agent.
reducing cholesterol
Guar Gum India is used as a binding agent in tablets, and as a thickening agent in lotions and creams.

Translation of Guar Gum in different languages

Arabic: صمغ الغار المستورد Korean: Guar 껌
Bulgarian: Гума гуар Latvian: Guāra sveķus
Catalan: Goma guar Lithuanian: Guaro guma
Chinese: 瓜尔豆胶 Norwegian:
Croatian: Guar guma Polish: Gumy guar
Czech: Guar Portuguese: Goma de Guar
Dutch: Guarpitmeel Russian: Гуаровая смола
Finnish: Guarkumi Serbian: Гуар гума
French: Gomme de guar Slovak: Guar
German: Guarkernmehl Slovenian: Guma guar
Greek: Το κόμμι γκουάρ Spanish: Goma guar
Hebrew: Guar גאם Swedish: Guarkärnmjöl
Hindi: ग्वार गम Tagalog: Guar gum
Indonesian: Ukrainian: Гуарова смола
Italian: Guar Vietnamese:
Japanese: グアーガム

Specifications Explain By Guar Gum Exporters

Physical and Chemical properties of guar gum powder
Color : Off White / Ceramist.
Oder : Odorless
Texture : free flowing fine powder
Solubility : Soluble in cold water
Particle size (Mesh) 100 200 300
VISCOSITY 24 Hours (1% Sol. Brookfield RVT Viscometer 25°C, Spindle No. 4, 20 rpm) 2500 Cps Min To 5000 Cps Max 3500 Cps Min To 9000 Cps Max 3500 Cps Min To 6000 Cps Max
APPEARANCE off-white Powder off-white Powder off-white Powder
MOISTURE 12% Max. 12% Max. 12% Max.
PROTEIN (N X 6.25) 5% Max. 5% Max. 5% Max.
ASH 1.0% Max. 1.0% Max. 1.0% Max.
ACID INSOLUBLE RESIDUE(A.I.R.) 3% Max. 3% Max. 3% Max.
GUM CONTENT (by difference) 80% Min. 80% Min. 80% Min.
pH (1% Solution) 5.5–7.0 5.5–7.0 5.5–7.0
Total Plate Count (/gram)< 5000< 5000< 5000
Particle size (Mesh) 100 200 300
VISCOSITY 24 Hours (1% Sol. Brookfield RVT Viscometer 25°C, Spindle No. 4, 20 rpm) 2500 Cps Min To 5000 Cps Max 3500 Cps Min To 9000 Cps Max 3500 Cps Min To 6000 Cps Max
Yeast and moulds (/gram) < 500 < 500 < 500
Coli forms / E. coli (10/gram) Negative Negative Negative
Salmonella (25/gram) Negative Negative Negative
Heavy Metal
Lead0.1 ppm Max0.1 ppm Max0.1 ppm Max
Particle size (Mesh) 100 200 300
VISCOSITY 24 Hours (1% Sol. Brookfield RVT Viscometer 25°C, Spindle No. 4, 20 rpm) 2500 Cps Min To 5000 Cps Max 3500 Cps Min To 9000 Cps Max 3500 Cps Min To 6000 Cps Max
Cadmium 0.1 ppm Max 0.1 ppm Max 0.1 ppm Max
Heavy Metal As Pb 10 ppm Max 10 ppm Max 10 ppm Max
Arsenic 0.03 ppm Max 0.03 ppm Max 0.03 ppm Max
Mercury 0.03 ppm Max 0.03 ppm Max 0.03 ppm Max

Storage and Shelf Life Guar Gum India

  • Store in dry and fresh place, sheltered from light.
  • Shelf life is 2 years from date of production.

Guar Gum India’s Packaging Details

  • HDPE Poly woven paper bag with inside liner
  • ulti walled paper bags.
  • Jumbo bags / Big bags
Packing will be done as per customer requirement like 25kg, 50lbs or 600 to 1000kg and 2000lbs

Application Area Of Guar Gum In India

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