Processed Guar Meal (Fodder) is a high protein animal and poultry feed stuff. It is processed by roasting at very high temperature to nullify natural inhibitor. Hense it enhancing the entire nutritive value & digesting capabiities.

Guar Meal Fodder has found to be very rich proteins & carbs, also has 100% natural agro product without any sort of added chemicals or any sort of preservatives. Processed guar meal is also utilized as or in addition with feed stuffs or individually, since it’s a complete nutritional cattle/poultry feed and non GMO product.

It is widely used as partial substitute of soya beans meal.

Guar meal fodder also benefits in the process to normalize cholesterol levels & blood sugar, but when it’s about consuming guar meal fodder then caution points has to be considered. It has been observed in recent times that many weight- loss supplements & manufacturers for diet pills & capsules also have claimed heavily to help your cravings by targeting the digestive system & absorbing water.

Guar meal (fodder) is beneficial in multiple ways to be healthy like in diabetics, pre-diabetics & also high cholesterol . It is highly water soluble and also high in high fibre. Guar meal (fodder) has been giving amazing results with slowing down glucose. Avlast Hydrocolloids is a leading manufacturer & exporter of guar meal fodder in India supplying across the globe.

Guar Meal

Guar Meal is husk and germ of guar seeds and both are used in cattle feed.

Guar meal is by product while manufacturing guar gum splits.

Husk of guar seed is known as a guar churi. It has powder form and contains 35% protein (O+A).

Germ of guar seed is known as a guar kurma. It has crystal form and contains 50% protein (O+A)

Specification of Guar Meal

Protein ( O + A ) 50.00% Min. 35.00% Min.
Silica 02.00% Max. 02.00% Max.
Fibre 10.00% Max. 10.00% Max.
Moisture 10.00% Max. 10.00% Max.


  • 50 kg net strong HDPE bags with inside liner


  • Used in cattle feed industries to increase protein.
  • Replacement of soya bean meal.

Applications of Guar Meal


Cattle Feed


Cattle Feed