Application of Cassia Tora Meal in Cattle Feed Industry

India, a country well known for its multicultural ambience along with great influence in agriculture. The agriculture sector has been the first priority for people for their monthly income and daily living but agriculture itself is dependent on a few components like seed, land and cattle.

When it comes to cattle, of course executing good cattle management has not been easy as drinking a glass of water. Cattle management requires complete care from nutrition to living management. Cattle need nutrition including vitamins, proteins, minerals etc to meet their energy requirement and enhance milk yield. It is observed that the application of Cassia tora has developed an extraordinary effect on the health of cattle.
Cassia Tora Meal , Cassia Splits
Cassia Tora Meal , Cassia Splits

What is Cassia Tora?

Cassia Tora is a wild crop plant that belongs to the Caesalpinaceae plant family. The cassia tora seeds undergo de-husking to obtain germ. The removed husk and germ are referred to as cassia tora meal which holds 30% of protein and 10% fibre content. Basically, it is a by-product of Cassia tora seed and tends to be highly rich in nutritional value. Due to its low fibre and high protein content, cassia tora is utilised to enhance the nutritional value of the cattle feed. Cassia tora is slightly bitter and salty in taste but has been recognised as good eyesight booster. It even removes excess heat from lives and moisturises intestine while easing the bowel movements.

Why Cassia tora in Cattle feed industry?

  • Cassia tora meal is a high protein which is naturally obtained and does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic content.
  • Cassia tora meal is rich in carbohydrates which help in fulfilling the energy requirement of the cattle.
  • No chemical is used for processing and preparing cassia tora meal so it’s no way harmful to the animal.
  • When Cassia tora is added with other standard ingredients, it produces highly nutritious cattle fodder which can improve the health of cattle.
  • The presence of high protein and less fibre content provides more energy and maintains good health.
  • The Cassia tora seeds are processed at a high temperature to improve nutritional value and extend its utility in other industries like cattle food industry.
Cassia tora is completely natural, organic and GMO-free product. Cassio tora meal can be either used as an additive or only feed as it is a highly nutritious meal.

Nutritional divisions of Cassia Tora:

  • The cassia tora meal contains approx 30-32 % crude proteins.
  • The highly nutritious meal holds 8-9 % oil.
  • The cassia tora meal contains around 3-4 % moisture.
  • The salty taste meal holds 2500 Kcal/Kg metabolic energy.
  • The meal consists of 0-1% Sand & Silica.
Cattles requires a balanced diet and proper growth to improve health. Diet holding less fibre and high protein content aims to improve health and provides energy as well. This yellow colour meal helps in improving the digestion and reduces fatigue in cattle.

So, if you are conscious of your cattle’s health and looking for a less expensive alternative food which can fulfil all nutritional requirement of your animal then Cassia tora meal is a perfect option. The meal can be served along with the usual feed or alone as it is observed as a complete nutritional food for cattle. The recent research has proved that the application of this nutritional by-product has helped in improving the health of the cattle. It has even enhanced the milk yield which ultimately added more bucks in farmer’s pocket. The yellow colour bi-product of Cassia tora seed is clinically test and approved that it does not harm the animal. The Cassia tora meal has appeared as the best alternative for all the expensive meal with equal nutritional value.