Demand of Cassia Gums & Derivatives in Different Countries

The common name for Cassia Powder is ‘Natural Henna’. It is also known as Cassia, Ranawara, Avaram Senna. The main source is a plant family Fabaceae popularly known as Senna auriculata. It is essentially a green shrub that is commonly found in India and many other parts of Asia. This shrub reaches up to a height of 2 meters.

There are multiple applications of this plant including the flowers, leaves, root, stem. The applications include treatment as a part of Aruyvedic medicine. All leaves are dried and ground to powder. This in turn has several applications like change hair color, improve hair health and also helps with hair loss.

What is Cassia Gum?

Cassia-Gum is the flour that is made from the seeds of a plant ‘Senna Obtusifolia. It is on the approved list off food additives in Japan and European Union. The main use of this in food & beverage industry. There was a time when it was an good alternative for Guar Gum however, since then my other applications have come to light due to extensive research.

The main purpose of this is as per the list below:

  • Foam stabilization
  • Emulsification
  • Stabilizer & Thicker in food
  • Moisture retention
  • Texture improvement
Cassia Tora Powder physical and chemical properties:
  • It is usually off white or yellowish in color.
  • It has a small percentage of moisture content, fiber, protein, ash and Gum as well.
  • It is odorless, acid insoluble.
  • The pH level ranges from 6 to 7.5
Cassia Gum Powder Assessing the demand of Cassia Gums & Derivatives

Several studies take place regularly on how Cassia Gum or any derivative like Cassia Tora powder is being used. All such reports suggest that it has been in demand in the past as is likely to continue to be in demand in the future as well. Research online shows that it is in high demand in the pet food industry and the demand is likely to rise further in future.

As per global industry analysis & opportunity assessment there is a prediction of increase in demand of Cassia-Gum & Derivatives like Cassia Tora Gum, Cassia Powder etc. in a period between 2015 to 2025. There are several key counties where there is such a demand for Cassia-Gum. Although there is a fairly high demand for Cassia Powder in most of North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Applications of Cassia Gums

There are several applications for Cassia-Gum as per this list:

  • Cat Food, Dog Food
  • Cow Feed, Bird Feed
  • Dairy & Confectionery products
  • Meat product, Canned & frozen food
  • Soap, Gel Shampoo, Hair Oil
  • Paste, Drugs, Medicine
  • Paper & Textile industry
  • Chemical processing, Mining
  • Oil & Gas
Cassia Gums & Derivatives useful products

There are many applications of Cassia Gum and it also varies from country to country. For example, it is popular in the European Union as a canned pet food additive. In addition to this it is also a popular in other products like air fresheners and gelling agents. Japan is one of the few Asian countries where there is an approval for use of Cassia Tora Powder in food application as well. Thus, it is common as a food applications for meal dressings, fruit gums, milk items, spice sauces, ice creams and even meat & poultry products.

Some of the other food products it is often in use with is cheese, curd cheese, cream cheese, whey cheese, natural cheese, grated cheese, dip cheese. Cassia-gum is also chosen additive for frozen dairy and desserts, ice milks, sherbets, etc.