Guar Gum Demand Has Reduced Almost Halved, Tough Time for Exporters in the Industry

This is tough time for guar gum exporters in the industry to survive with current crisis. However, the situation cannot be controlled by the expert team but only solution is to wait for the right time to maximize the profits. If we go into depth then demand of guar gum has reduced to halved and many of the companies have already closed their plant because of zero profits and negligible demands from clients. The biggest reason for decreased Demand Of Guar Gum Powder is recession in crude oil industries. More than 80 percent of guar gum is utilized by crude oil and petroleum industries. That’s why demand for guar gum powder has been reduced almost halved and profits of exporters are also decreasing at a fast pace.
Guar Gum Production If you will go little bit deep into matter, India is largest exporter and supplier of guar gum powder across worldwide. The demand for guar gum in crude oil industries has been slide down up to 48 percent in past two years. Now Guar Gum Manufacturers are more dependent on food industries and cosmetic industries instead of oil industries. This was a shock for exporters as no one was expecting prices of crude oil to reach at this level. Price Crash As market of crude oil will improve, purchases for guar gum powder would also increase eventually. The prices in last one year have been reduced up to 10,000 Rs. per kg that is big shock for suppliers. Indian farmers produce more than 70 percent of nation crop every year. So this would not be saying wrong that global market has been affected almost everyone and it is expected to recover soon in near future. Just Survival The survival for farmers has become extremely tough and immediate action is required by government to improve overall economy of the nation.