Guar Gum Utilization for Textile Printing in Global Market

The textile industry is big profitable industry with billions of profits and millions of employees worldwide. Demand for fashionable clothes is increasing everyday and continues to grow in coming years as well. Trends get changed according to festivals and special occasions. The global demand for clothes is also increasing every day. If we talk about the stats, India comes second in producing clothes after China and playing significant role in growth of GDP.
How Guar Gum Can Be Utilized In Textile Industry? Guar gum is best utilized in textile industry, as demand for clothes will increase utilization of guar gum will also increase. The product derivatives are best used in cotton printing, carpet printing, silk printing, rayon printing etc. Guar Gum For Textile Printing Guar gum is a thickening agent wisely used along with dyes and other emulsifiers. It absorbs water quickly and prevents ink from spreading over clothes. It also inhibits chemical corrosion that enhances overall quality of printing. Guar gum is also popular as sizing agent and can be availed quickly along with Guar Gum Powder Exporter. How Product Can Be Used At Its Best Level? Guar gum industry in India has been evolving from last few decades and its uses are simply expanding from old days to modern days. According to expert report, India is major manufacturer, and Guar Gum Suppliers producing more than 80 percent of guar gum seeds. Next major producers are Pakistan; Sudan etc. Guar gum application is not just limited here. It can be best utilized in other major industrial sectors as well like cosmetic, Pharma sector and food industries. In coming years, guar gum can also be used for other sectors as well. The application areas are expected to grow and supposed to be get larger by Guar Gum Powder Manufactures .