Information about Guar Meal, Cassia Tora Splits & Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

There are a variety of products produced by Avlast Hydrocolloids. You can have Guar Refined Splits which is also known as Guar splits, obtained from the seeds after the husk and germs are removed. These splits are a factor for the viscosity of guar powder. Having a pale white color and protein about 5%, its impurity content is very less, around 1%. Having minimum moisture content in it, these splits have an extensive use in making different grades of guar gum powder used in food and textile industries and also for making different derivatives from Guar.

About Guar Meal

Guar Meal (Fodder) is a processed by-product of guar splits made by the husk and germs left from it. It has a very high protein content which is extensively used as animal and poultry food. The naturally present trypsin inhibitor is removed by toasting it at very high temperature which increases the nutritive value simultaneously making it very digestive. Guar Meal (Fodder) Good for the animals not only for its rich protein and carbohydrate contents, but as it is entirely natural and contains no chemicals or preservatives. It can be fed directly or in addition with other food stuff and act as a soya bean mealsubstitute.


About Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

Guar gum powder is extensively used in the oil and natural gas agencies for increasing production of oil and recovery. Used as surfactant synthetic polymer and defoamer, as ideal for water-based and brine-based fluids for drilling. It reduces water losses during drilling also reduces friction resulting in less power consumption. Known by different names, it is extensively used in oil, gas and other well drilling industries. The difference between normal and fast hydration is that normal one shows it effect after two hours while fast hydration ability makes it work in three minutes. Off white in color, it is a fine powder which is soluble in water and has a PH of 5 to 7.

Cassia Tora Splits

When seed is broken into two halves they are referred to as cassia splits also known as cassia tora gum splits, senna splits and others. The seed consists of an outer husk, an endosperm, the ovary or germ. Only the endosperm or split, containing mainly polysaccharides, is used for to produce cassia gum. Husk and germ are loosened from the endosperm by making them brittle by heating. It can be removed by pulverization. The split remains intact in these temperatures. It mainly consist mannose and galactose. Pale yellow in color, these splits are soluble in hot water. They act as thickening and gelling agents with carageenan and xanthan. It is also used as food additives and cattle feed products.

About Cassia Tora Meal

As this Cassia Tora Meal contains high protein in it, about 30%, it is considered to be a good source and substitute for soya meal for cattle. The Cassia tora seeds are processed and the germs and the husk that is left over becomes the cassia meal for the cattle in order to increase protein. With proper silica, fiber and moisture content, this is a perfect food for animals.