Interesting Facts About Cassia Powder

Cassia powder is obtained from the seed of Cassia tora. The cassia tora is a wild plant which is found in tropical countries like India, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. The cassia plant is well popular for its medicinal properties. The biological name of the plant is Cassia Tora Linn. The Cassia Tora powder contains alkaloids, flavonoids, cinnamaldehyde, tannins, gum, mannitol, coumarins & essential oils as the main component.

Cassia Gum Powder
Cassia Gum

Uses of Cassia Powder

  • Cassia powder contains a high amount of anthraquinone glycosides which helps in treating against many diseases. In fact, it is used to isolate many chemical compounds.
  • The cassia gum powder consists of many pharmacological properties like antigenotoxic, anti-inflammatory,  hypolipidemic, antinociceptive, antiproliferative and spasmogenic.
  • The cassia powder even helps in improving insulin sensitivity as it contains hydroxychalcone.
  • The presence of Methanol in the cassia flower activates blood protein and balances sugar level in the blood.
  • The presence of cinnamaldehyde in cassia powder restricts the growth of tumor cells. It even fights against bacteria and fungi.
  • The consumption of cassia gum powder balances cholesterol level and maintains body weight.
  • Cassia powder contains strong antioxidant property and antibacterial activity. It can fight against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and  Enterococcus faecalis, etc
  • Cassia powder is used as thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizer additives in the food industry.
  • Cassia Powder as Natural antibiotic: The powder is anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic and germicidal in nature. It is applied for the treatment of skin diseases like leprosy, ringworm or tinea, leukoderma, scabies, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. It is even used for the treatment of intestinal infections
  • The anti-inflammatory properties make the cassia seed powder suitable for the preparation of arthritis medicines. It is even used for the treatment of other inflammatory conditions and swellings.
  • The cassia powder holds natural gelling property due to which it has become an additive in skin ointment. The gel provides a smooth texture and accumulates other components present in it.
  • Cassia powder is used as a natural pesticide as well.
  • Cassia powder has remarked its presence in food as well as in the meat industry. It is used as a natural additive for improving the taste and shelf life of food.
  • Cassia powder improves the gastric secretion and provides an improved digestive system.
  • Cassia Tora powder is helpful for improving the vision. The presence of Retinoic Acid helps in the treatment of eye infections like conjunctivitis.
  • The anti-viral properties of cassia powder make it best for the treatment of cold and flu.

Cassia powder which is extracted from Cassia tora seeds is considered as a magic herb. The medicinal properties present in it have increased its demand in the pharma industry. The application of cassia powder over the skin can provide glowing and healthy skin. Cassia tora is used as an additive in many products. Cassia tora is considered as a weed plant and can be easily grown. The significant properties have introduced it in every sector, from medicine to skin products. The cassia powder is even used in the production of ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of many diseases. This healthy powder has been clinically approved.  The inclination of the people towards the organic product has raised the demand of cassia powder in cosmetic industries. The affordable cost has even made its best alternative of many components used in cosmetics. So, if you belong to pharma, food or cosmetic industry then you should not ignore the beneficial properties of cassia powder. The inclusion of cassia powder as an additive in your product can improve your earning.