Rising Demand of Cassia Gum in Personal Care Products Manufacturing

Cassia Tora is wild crop that grows in India and several countries in Asia. Cassia Gum is from the endosperm of Senna Obtusifolia (Cassia Tora). It has several important properties and can serve as a thickening agent and also forms gels with other substances.

Applications of Cassia Gum

It has several applications as per this list here:

  • A natural gelling agent.
  • Pet Food, Cattle Feeding Food
  • Foam Stabilizer.
  • Thickening agent.
  • Emulsifier & texturing in cheese.
  • Moisture preservation agent.
  • Frozen dairy agent and several poultry products.
  • Air Fresheners
  • Cosmetic products, Hair care products.
  • Textile & mining industries, pharmaceuticals, paper production, water treatment.
Guar Powder and Cassia Powder Application in Manufacturing Cosmetic Itmes
Guar Powder and Cassia Powder Application in Manufacturing Cosmetic Items
Cassia-Gum in Personal Care Products
  • Shampoos and conditioners have a soft and smooth finish, they are also thick vicious. All these properties are mainly due to the presence of Cassia Gum. These properties are important to prevent overuse of the product since that would be harmful to the hair.
  • It forms a protective layer around the hair, thus protecting it from harmful chemicals. The issues with hair care products is that some of it may be retained on the stands of hair.
  • Cassia Tora Powder is useful in creams and lotions as well, the main purpose being to thicken them.
  • It helps prevent from skin dryness by preventing it to come in contact with dry air.
  • It helps the product last longer and be effective for a longer duration of time. It has a lubricating property which helps improve the cosmetic effect of the property.
  • Cassia gum powder also exists several other cosmetic products like foundations , concealers, etc.
  • The way it works is it decreases the surface tension of a product allowing to easily glide on the skin. It is useful in giving the makeup a professional touch.
  • Cassia powder is often refereed to as neutral henna since it appears like Henna powder.
  • It has different properties, but useful in organic hair treatment. It has several useful properties including being anti fungal, moisture retention, excellent conditioner, anti bacterial.
  • It is considered better than Henna powder. It is also faster than Henna powder and is usually effective in 30 to 60 minutes.
Statistic & facts
  • The market in 2015 was 10.1 Million USD.
  • There is a prediction for market growth in the period of 2018-2023 at a CAGR of 6.7%.
  • A 36% rise is expected in demand for this in the cosmetic industry; including that for natural hair care formulas.
  • Similarly the pharmaceutical sector is expected to have a growth of 4.1%.
  • The increase in  demand exists all over the world like a 30% increase in North America in 2017.
  • North America Market demand is about 21.9%, while Asia Pacific and Western Europe together is estimated to be about 34.8% (2017 figures)
Rising Demand of Cassia-Gum

This has a great many applications in the cosmetic industry. This includes several hair care products as well. Besides being invaluable for personal care products, it also has several health benefits. It is useful in reducing body pain, helping treat cold and flu symptoms, digestion, weight loss, eye problems and more.

As per several studies conducted and statistics collected, global demand of Cassia Gum is showing a constant growth as well. Historically, there has been a high demand and all market predictions suggest there is likely to be a greater demand in the years to come. This rise in demand has a lot to do with the personal care products besides which there is also a rise in the demand in other industries like food products, pet food, textile and mining industries.