Cassia Powder – Amazing Hair Treatment and Restoration Naturally

The cassia powder can be referred to as the ultimate treatment for damaged hair naturally and has been widely used to strengthen thin and flat hair. The product has great restoration effects on both chemically treated and untreated hair. This leads to the creation of volume and shine, and without depositing a lot of color on the hair. Cassis powder used for hair treatment and restoration is derived from the plant Cassia Obovata, also known as senna Italica. When the plant is fully mature, the leaves of the plant are dried and grinded to make a fine powder.

Lightening Hair Treatment on Naturally Blonde Hair

The cassia powder has often been used to lighten hair gradually owing to the golden tint that it adds on to hair. For more rapid results other ingredients are added to enhance the lightening effect. Cassia contains some molecules with coloring power, which are activated with acidification and oxidation processes.

Cassia Gum Powder
Cassia Gum

Strengthening and Adding Hair Volume by Cassia Powder

The cassia powder is also important in obtaining strong hair strands as well as the volume of hair. This happens because it has the special effects of strengthening the hair roots thus stimulating more hair growth that remains strong and healthy. In line with this action, it leaves a brilliant hair shine and the end result is glossy shinning hair with more enhanced effects on blonde hair.

It is recommended to ensure that hair is cleaned well before the cassia application to ensure that the sebum does not interfere with the action of cassia powder on the hair.

Various Color Shades

It has been observed by hair experts that cassia can be used in helping to obtain various color shades on the hair. For dirty blond hair color from originally light hair color, it can be mixed with certain products to act as a remedy for graying hair. The ration of mixing should, however, be guided by a professional who needs to assess your individual hair characteristics versus the required results.

How to Use Cassia Obovata on Hair

Natural Hair conditioner; as a natural conditioner, the cassia powder is suitable for all textures of hair and does great hair conditioning. It also contains naturally occurring chemicals that naturally revamps the hair.

Eliminates Dandruff; for overly dry scalp, there is a tendency to develop dandruff. These gradually disappear with continued use of cassia powder. This application provides hair with some ingredients that were previously missing.

Curls Definition; It has been shown that cassia is very helpful for people dealing with undefined and torn down curls as it helps the curls form back to a natural shape and makes the hair extra soft texture. The application of cassia powder is also easy and simple compared to other similar products. It can take as low as 15 minutes to complete application.

How to Apply Cassia Powder

Cassia is applied directly to hair while using gloves since it can create a light tan to the hands. The application is done from the root of the hair and worked evenly to the top of the hair. It can be applied from back to the front section and you must take time to apply evenly and achieve thorough coverage. When completed, the head can be covered with a plastic cap for one hour and then removed.