Cassia Tora Seeds: Protects from Mosquito-borne Diseases

Nowadays mosquitoes have been developed to various synthetic insecticides which is now difficult to control as it is been increasing day by day. There should be suitable biocontrol technique to make them under control in future. The technique is been important because with the increasing growth of mosquitoes there is more chance of having with the mosquito borne diseases.

Cassia Tora Meal , Cassia Splits

Following shows how the cassia tora seeds are been helpful in protecting from mosquito borne disease with its medicinal properties.

  • The leaf extracts of the cassia tora were been researched and found that they had three important vector mosquitoes for their toxicity viz, Culex quinquefasciatus, Aedes aegypti, and Anopheles stephensi.
  • There were different adulticidal and repellent activities for crude hexane, chloroform, benzene, acetone and methanol extracts. During the process all the extracts showed with its moderate adulticidal effects except the highest mortality was been observed and found in methanol extract.
  • The results of this chemical like hexane, chloroform, benzene, acetone and methanol extracts of Cassia Tora seeds found three different concentrations. The concentrations were in the range of 1.0, 2.5, and 5.0 mg/cm2. This when applied on skin of forearm in man, exposed against adult female mosquitoes
  • It was been observed that this cassia tora plant crude extracts helps in protection against mosquito bites. It was been tested and observed that it helped to protect the person without any allergic reaction and repellent activity is totally dependent on the strength of the plant extracts.
  • The leaf solvent of the cassia tora plant extracts which is been used eco-friendly way and has the potential for control of mosquitoes. Researchers have found that cassia tora seeds are most effective in protecting from mosquito bites
  • For mosquito bites, a paste is been prepared from leaf of cassia tora which is been applied over the skin daily in order to get relief from itches of mosquito bites. Paste mixed with turmeric powder is also found useful.
  • The oil extracted from the cassia tora seeds is been used in the treatment of skin diseases.
  • Leaf of the cassia tora is been rubbed against the affected part so as to cure with the irritation of the mosquito bites.
  •  The extracts of the cassia tora seeds or cassia tora leaves are helpful in curing the mosquito born diseases. It helps to cure the diseases like malaria, filariasis, dengue, and viral encephalitis.
  • Not only with the cure or protecting from the mosquito borne disease, cassia tora powder is also been used for many different medicinal uses with its different medicinal properties.
  • Cassia powder is also useful in protecting and curing with the skin diseases like ringworm, itching of body and scratch.

There are various medicinal uses of the cassia tora powder that is been produced from the cassia tora seeds. Cassia tora is considered as one the best natural ways of treating the skin diseases and other diseases.