Cassia Tora Extracts: Applications in Homeopathy

Cassia Tora , medicine which belongs to vegetable kingdom which is 3m in height having compound leaves having 8-12 leaflets bearing with single blend at the base. Cassia Tora seeds has yellow flowers in carymbose racemes. This plant mainly grows in the tropical regions of India. The common name for Cassia Tora seeds is Senna sophera which belongs to Leguminosae Caesalpiniaceae family. It is been used throughout the topics and India having its active principle as  Emodin ; Chrysophanic acid.  The Cassia Tora powder is been taken in the ratio of 1:10 which acts for respiratory system, GIT and skin problems.

Considering with its properties, Cassia Tora is sweet, bitter and salty in flavor which is slightly cold in nature. It is been mostly related to liver, kidney, large intestine channels. Its usage has been described as  anti- microbial, anti-diabetic, anti- genotoxic, anti- oxidant,anti- inflammatory , Antinociceptive and Spasmogenic.

Cassia Gum Powder

There are also many applications of this Cassia Tora Powder been developed from Cassia Tora Seeds which are been described as follow:

  • Cassia Tora Powder acts as an expectorant and bronchodilator for the respiratory system.
  • It works as an anthelmenthic as well as cathartic for GIT.
  • The Cassia Tora powder is also been used to cure cough, constipation, ringworm Rheumatic troubles and Worm infestation.
  • It is also been used in the rheumatism of the small joints.
  • With the homeopathic, it is also been used with the ayurvedic system of treatment where the roots been generated from this Cassio Tora seeds are considered as expectorant whereas leaves are considered as  anthelmintic and antiseptic.
  • Cassia Powder is found to be supporting and curing with the skin problems like ringworm, leprosy, and other skin infections. Apart from this it is also been used for treating with the liver disorder.
  • The roots are generally been used in snakebites
  • Cassia Tora Seed is highly valued ancient Chinese herb which are having great laxatives, ophthalmics, anthelmintics and expectorants that are been used as aperients and purgatives that helps to loosen the bowels to relieve constipation.
  • The Cassia Tora seeds are also been used as mordant in dyeing and can also been used as coffee substitute. The powder is also been used that inhibits the  growth of harmful microorganisms like staphylococcus, bacillus diphtheriae, bacillus coli, typhoid and paratyphoid bacillus.
  • It is also been considered good as eyesight booster which helps to get a clear eyesight.

Cassia Tora seeds are been processed in order to get different forms of products which also includes cassia splits, meals and gum powder. This powder is applicable for variety of processes which is been mostly highly irrigated in northern parts of India which is been purchased in bulk quantity. These seeds are available in  many ranges which includes cassia tora seed and natural cassia tora seeds.