Cassia Gum Powder – Universal Acceptance & Uses

Introduction- Cassia Gum is derived from the endosperm of the seed of the plant called Cassia Tora or the Cassia Obtusifolia which belongs to the Leguminosae family.  The endosperm halves or Cassia Splits are separated from the husk and germ using a combination of thermal and mechanical processes. The Cassia splits obtained are then milled to produce  Cassia Gum Powder. Cassia Gum is very useful in the manufacture of gels in a combination of other colloids and has potentially many food applications and the finest animal feeds. This is an ancient ingredient that was seen growing as weeds in parts of India. It was used as a pesticide in organic farms and often served as a substitute for roasted seeds like coffee.

Cassia Gum Powder

Universal Acceptance

The Cassia gum started gaining popularity worldwide due to its properties as a thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, moisture retention agent, and texturing agent in cheese, frozen dairy desserts, poultry, and meat products. These are universally marketed and shipped across countries and the surge in demand for the Cassia Gum powder was witnessed. The Cassia Gum when combined with hydrocolloids like the Xanthum Gum and the Carrageenan synergistically formed gels with unique properties. This is majorly used in air freshener gels. Cassia Gum is used as a gelling agent in conjunction with Carrageenan for wet canned food. It also serves its purpose in cattle and poultry feed with its cost-effectiveness. It is a very cost-effective formation and synergy with hydrocolloids can help it enhance the appearance and texture and stabilization of the product.

The Cassia Gum Powder has its applications increasingly in food-grade applications and is neutral in taste and odour. The water-binding function of Cassia Gum gives it a thicker and richer mouthfeel. The low processed foods that are high in fad have adopted it as a wonderful replacement to fat. Besides, when the Cassia powder is used along with Xanthum Gum it can form solid and elastic gels that can give cream cheese its beautiful texture. The wonderful properties of this gum powder can create many innovative textures which are in high demand in food-grade applications.  A rich after-taste along with a facourable spreadability makes most food processing manufacturers demand the product. When used with other gums and materials in the appropriate proportions can hold emulsions together. With the modernization catching up, the confectionaries take great advantage of using it for baked foods as well as for noodles, meat, and kinds of pasta. When used in biscuits cookies and pastries it provides great resilience and increases shelf life. It prevents any leakage in the filling keeping the crust crisp and intact.

Uses in Personal Care and Pharmaceutical Products

The Cassia Tora Gum powder has also widely found its application in cosmetics due to its properties of being a surfactant, water-soluble agent, and a very active ingredient. The cosmetics are exported and imported and toiletries, shampoos, soaps and gels of various types avail this ingredient to impart a refined texture to their brands. Medicines, drugs, anti-fungal creams, and suppositories are other sectors that demand cassia gum powder in major quantities. The Cassia tora derivative functions itself as a thickener and lubricant in medical products.

Important Roles of Cassia Gum Powder

Take Away- Science and research have concluded the effectiveness of Cassia Gum powder for various applications due to its ability to be a  thickener, gelling agent, and emulsifier. It has wide applications in food, pet food, cattle and poultry feed, personal care, cosmetics, confectionaries, and much more. There has been a complete revolution in how the world has looked at Cassia Gum Powder.