Cassia Powder Application for Water Treatment

Cassia powder is obtained from the seeds of the plant and is available in the form of flour. The endosperms of the seeds of Senna obtusifolia and Senna tora are used that are also referred to as Cassia obtusifolia and Cassia tora. They comprise of at least 75 polysaccharide that mostly consists of galactomannan having a mannose and galactose ratio of 5:1. This helps in achieving a high molecular mass ranging between 200,000-300,000 Da.

The structure of cassia powder imparts them several properties thus increasing their applications across various sectors. Applications include its usage in bakery foods, pet food, paper industry, water treatment, etc. Cassia powder is used as a thickening agent, foam stabilizers, emulsifiers, and texturing agents. It also enjoys extensive application in personal care products as a surfactant.

Cassia Powder as a Coagulant

Cassia powder is utilized in the industries as a coagulant mainly for the purpose of treating the water in order to make them suitable for different applications. Coagulants play an important role in the entire process as they help in the process of flocculation. Used as an additive, coagulants make sure that the fine particles are clumped together into a larger floc so that the procedure of their separation from the water becomes easy. It is a chemical process that ensures that the charged particles are neutralized. Cassia powder acts as a coagulant when added to the water and speeds up the entire procedure. This is the precursory treatment activity that is employed by most of the industries before making the water felicitous for applications.

Some of the factors that play a major role in determining the effectiveness of any coagulant are pH value, their dose and mass, types of pollutant present, initial turbidity of the water, etc.

Cassia Powder for Water Treatment

The presence of clean water for the purpose of drinking is dwindling day by day. Hence it is very necessary to treat the water to make them suitable for drinking in order to prevent ourselves from water-borne diseases. Cassia gum powder plays a major role in ensuring that by acting as a coagulant in treating the surface water. They are found to remove turbidity from the water by a substantial amount and thus frees the water from waste particles that gets discharged to the water bodies by industries, waste dumping sites, etc. Cassia powder also have the potential to remove pollutants like suspended solid particles from the river bodies. This, thus, helps in bringing the pH level of the water within the stable and acceptable range that does not pose any threat to the body of the individual who is using it.

As there has been extensive research carried out to suggest that cassia powder increases the concentration of iron and magnesium. It is not used as a natural coagulant and the fact that it reduces the turbidity goes a long way in regulating the pH level of the water to desired level in numerous industrial applications or for drinking purposes. As a result, cassia powder finds a lot of application in India and Southeast Asia. They are also used as a medication as they are believed to pose a lot of health benefits.

The Bottom Line: Avlast Hydrocolloids are one of the high quality cassia gum powder suppliers. Cassia gum powder is one of the most versatile product as its application ranges across various industries like food, paper, water treatment, personal care, etc. It is used as a coagulant to make the process of water treatment more efficient. Cassia powder plays a major role in keeping the turbidity level of water in check.