Life Changing Impact of Cassia Tora Seeds to various Industry players in India

The cassia tora plant is mainly found in south East Asia and the south west of the pacific and has been recognized as a very important weed. It is a herbaceous annual herb, growing approximately 12 to 35 inches tall. The leaves grow approximately 4.5 centimeters long and stems have a distinct smell when young. The plant has yellow flowers which eventually produce pods that appear flattened, with a length of 15 centimeters, in a sickle shape and hence the plant got the common name sickle pod. With a lot of experimentation and research, it has been shown that the seeds, roots and leaves have very many beneficial attributes to basic health care, nutritional values and industrial purposes.

Manufacture of Cassia Powder

Cassia gum powder is manufactured directly from the cassia tora seeds. These seeds are de-husked and degermed through milling and screening of the endosperm to obtain the cassia powder. The refined cassia gum powder is in turn used for various industrial purposes such as thickening, water retention agent, emulsifier, texturizing agent in cheese and in emulsification activities. This process has created numerous employment opportunities to various industry players such as aggregators, middle men, processors and even exporters. Medical and Nutritional Impacts The cassia tora seeds have various applications related to human health and thus have huge impact on the community. These include;
  • Improvement of digestion: quickening the digestive process, avoiding intestinal dryness, cooling the colon, flatulence in kids and preventing constipation.
  • Antimicrobial properties: Research has shown that cassia tora seeds are able to inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as fungi which can cause serious skin infections. Mixing of the cassia seed powder with drinking water also helps in the curing of various kinds of skin infections.
The medicinal applications of the cassia tora seeds are many more and have impacted the health industry very much. Natural treatment remedies from the cassia plant translate to more affordable and natural health care as well as a healthier population. Cassia-Seeds-Health-Benefits Rich Feed for Livestock and Birds As a cattle feed, the cassia tora seeds provide the much-needed viscosity of the feed and other important nutrients. Research has shown that the seeds contain approximately 30% protein and fiber content of about 15%. These are the most important factors that have made the seeds best for animal feed. The meal also has a high amount of carbohydrate that contributes to the energy provision to cattle and other animals.
Life Changing Impact of Cassia Tora Seeds
Life-Changing Impact of Cassia Tora Seeds
Soils Reclamation Photo remediation is the environmentally friendly method of decontamination of soils. Ongoing research shows that cassia tora seeds and plant material can be effectively used to carry out this process. This includes the removal of heavy metal contaminants such as lead (Pb) which are dangerous when consumed over time. Substitute for Coffee; The seeds have also been used in place of the usual coffee drink and as a health drink since they are very good protein sources. Income to Rural Gatherers in the Districts The availability of cassia tora seeds in sustainable quantities from the month of October to December provides a good income to rural communities in the areas of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in India. These are areas where the biggest volumes of the naturally occurring cassia tora are located. These gatherers have been able to aggregate their collected seeds through the farmer produce companies and various enterprise clusters. They have been able to earn decent livelihoods from the good prices that they receive in the local markets.