How Guar Gum can Help Farmers in Crop Protection?

Guar gum is an efficient natural polymer, which is procured from the endosperm of the seeds of gaur plant. This legume plant is grown in India on wide scale due to its favorable climate conditions. Guar gum is used for versatile application due to its distinct properties such as stabilizing, suspending, thickening, binding, and many more. It is used in industries like Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Oil & Gas well drilling, Pharmaceuticals, and many more. The guar gum is evolved continuously to intensify its usage; one such latest development is Guar Gum based Hydrogel.

Discovery of Guar Gum based Hydrogel

Guar Gum Facts

Scientists have discovered a hydrogel from guar gum. This hydrogel is effective in increasing soil moisture and enhancing its quality. As a result, farmers can save their crops in case of soil erosion or water scarcity. Hydrogels are the network of polymers that are capable for holding large amount of water. Synthetic hydrogels are non-biodegradable and their degradation products are also considered to be hazardous to nature or environment. Hence, its usage may hamper the quality of soil in long run. A scientist at Indian Institute of Resins and Gums explained that hydrogel made from Guar gum is biodegradable and it also provides organic content to soil upon its degradation which can improve soil texture.

Gum gum based Hydrogel- Efficacy to Soil

The effects of hydrogel treatment on soil were evaluated by analyzing various physic-chemical properties of soil like porosity, water absorption and retention capacity, bulk density, etc. It was found that hydrogel can absorb up to 800 ml water per gram. Its application can improve soil’s porosity, moisture absorption and retention sustainably. The moisture retention capacity of the soil increased to 54% of its original. Similarly, it was also observed that the porosity of soil was accelerated to 9% of its original after using hydrogel.  In addition to it, it also lowered bulk density. The higher porosity improves soil aeration which can alleviate soil compaction as well as it can elevate microbial count in soil. Thus, it can enhance the overall quality of soil which can be beneficial for growing crops. A microscopic analysis of the newly-synthesized hydrogel showed spongy surface and which allowed direct penetration of water in both macro and micro pores. It resulted in higher swelling capacity. During the research, it was found that the maximum moisture holding capacity of untreated soil is 33.59% but by adding 0.3% of powered hydrogel, its capacity improved by 54%.

Impact of Hydrogel on Agriculture

  1. The guar gum-based hydrogel have a good scope in agriculture because of it high moisture absorption capacity.
  2. It can absorb and retain water for good duration of time, thus it may protect the soil from eroding when water is in scare.
  3. The organic content from its degradation is also useful in crop protection as it can provide nutrients to soil to increase the quality and quantity of yield.
  4. Thus, due to its varied advantages to soil formation, it can help the farmers to protect and improve the crops damaged due to shortage of water.

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