How to use Cassia Gum Powder?


The Cassia gum powder is a term given to flour which is made from the endosperm of the seed of Cassia tora or Cassia obtusifolia. The polysaccharide contained in it is around 75%. It has a high molecular mass due to the composition of galactose and mannose that is collectively called galactomannan.

 Cassia Gum as a gelling:

Many people at the term cassia gum, consider it to be a sticky gel or gum but it is a powdery substance that is used as an ingredient in wet canned pet food. But when it comes to the matter of making it a gel then yes Cassia Gum Powder is a very prevalent option that one can choose. There are two justified reasons why this cassia gum isn’t a gel itself- firstly the gum content in this material is just 75% to 80 % and secondly, it is neither a liquid nor contains any other gum components in it. Thus, we can see that it is just an organic product along with rich gum content.

Kappa Canegeenan along with Cassia Gum as a Gel:

Kappa Carrageenan is a stabilizing and thickening product that is extracted from the red edible seaweeds. It is used in the production of wet canned pet food, shampoo, beverages, and also in food industries for various purposes. Cassia Gum Application for Wet Canned Pet Food When the cassia gum powder is mixed in a solution along with the Kappa Canegeenan than it produces a thick gel type substance which has a high content of Kappa and Kota which makes them stabilize even at the normal room temperature and act as a gel in different products which requires protein as well as a thickening substance in the actual main products. This making of gel is only possible due to the solubility of both Cassia Gum and Kappa Canegeenan is very high in the hot water solution. The restoring stability of Kappa Canegeenan is best with the Cassia gum and thus is preferred for the making of gels by a lot of people and companies.

Why does the increase of Cassia Gum make the gel hard?

The increase of Cassia Gum in the mixer of Kappa Canegeenan and cassia gum powder makes the resulting gel hard because of the unique branched polysaccharide galactose/mannose structure of cassia gum. Cassia gum forms firm, thermoplastic gels with carrageenan. Cassia gum and carrageenan gel are stable due to the excellent retorting stability of cassia gum.


The cassia Gum powder has a unique structure that is branched with polysaccharide along with galactomannan. This makes the substance fibrous, rich in protein as well as gum content and also has good moisture content. Cassia gum is also cost-effective so using cassia gum with carrageenan is also helps to reduce cost. The product serves as a gelling agent to wet canned pet food, dairy products, beers, and food additives. Its rare and unique structure also enables it to be normal in any kind of temperature without any acids added to it. The product also acts as an emulsifier and foam stabilizer, etc.