Invisible Ingredient In Wet Canned Pet Food – Cassia Gum Powder

Cassia Gum Powder is one of the key ingredients in wet canned pet food but yet remains invisible. It works as a gelling agent in wet canned pet food products. When Cassia Gum is used alone it is less effective as a gelling agent whereas it is more effective as a gelling agent when used with Kappa Carrageenan. Cassia Gum Powder has many reasons that make it the foremost choice to be used in Wet Canned Pet Food Products. Some of them are as mentioned below.

Economically Cheaper

The ingredients used in pet food should be affordable since the cost of the ingredients used during the production process affects the cost of the product. Cassia Gum Powder is suitable for pet food production due to economical costs.

Does Not Affect the Taste of the Product

A pet knows the quality of the food and has tantrums for the good taste of their foods. Hence, a wet canned pet food manufacturer must ensure that the taste of the food is natural. Cassia Gum has fewer chances to impact any kind of taste of the pet food and is one of the reasons why it is used.

Doesn’t Smell

The food-grade Cassia Gum Powder used in pet food has a neutral smell which is shown by various studies. As a result, with no changes in pet food, cassia gum can be used in the manufacturing process. Invisible Ingredient In Wet Canned Pet Food

The thickness of Gel Increases Depending Upon The Amount

The thickness of the gel increases with the increase in the Cassia Gum Powder amount. With this beneficial property, the pet food manufacturer can increase or decrease the thickness of the pet food.

Results in Low Costing of Final Product

Since Cassia Gum is lower in cost as compared to other hydrocolloids the manufacturing cost is also lower. This eventually results in low costing of the final product.

Optimize the Gelling System

The cassia gum powder is an excellent gel and is known to easily mix and give the required thickness to the wet pet food. Also, it optimizes the gelling system and helps to improve the speed of the manufacturing process of the wet canned pet food.

Increase Mouth Feeling

The cassia gum has excellent properties that make it suitable for it to be used in the pet food manufacturing process. One of the excellent features of this gum powder is that enhances the mouth feeling of the pet food and helps to improve the quality of the finished product.

High Molecular Polysaccharide

The molecular polysaccharide adds to the enhanced features of cassia gum. It contains at least 75% polysaccharide that consists primarily of a linear chain. This chain has 1,4-β-D-mannopyranose units and further, it is linked with 1,6 to αD-galactopyranose units.

Natural Product

Cassia Gum is a natural product that is used as an ingredient in wet canned pet food. Manufacturers can use this as a key ingredient in their manufacturing process and this will result in the finished product as a natural product.

Excellent Texture to End Product

An ingredient that has excellent properties and makes it suitable to be used as a key ingredient in the processing process, Cassia gum has another property that makes it a suitable choice for the production process. This quality is that Cassia powder gives an excellent texture to the final product. Many qualities make Cassia Gum Powder an excellent choice to be used as a key ingredient in the manufacturing of wet canned pet food. The usage of Cassia Gum Powder is approved by several countries and is used in most of the world. The regulatory information is as given below.

Cassia Gum Powder Number

CAS No. (Galactomannan) 11078-30-1
INS NO 427
EINECS No. 234-299-6
EEC No. of E499

International Listings of Cassia Tora Powder

Australia (AICS) Listed
Korea KE – 17406
  Globally, cassia gum powder has different names in different languages. A table for information is mentioned below. Translation in Global Languages
Catalan Goma Cassia
Croatian Cassia Guma
Danish Cassiagummi
Dutch Cassiapitmeel
Finnish Cassiakumi
French Gomme De Cassia
German Cassiakernmehl
Polish Gumy Cassia
Portuguese Goma De Cassia
Romanian Guma De Cassia
Slovenian Guma Cassia
Spanish Goma Cassia
  Cassia Gum is used globally due to the multiple benefits and quality of this natural gelling agent. One should look for investment in such kinds of naturally available products to survive any kind of scarcity of gels.