Purified Cassia Gum Powder for Human Food Application

Cassia Gum Powder is manufactured from the endosperm of the seeds of Cassia Tora which is a wild crop grown in hot and wet tropical climates of India. The Cassia Gum Powder finds its intended use as a thickener, emulsifier, foam stabilizer, moisture retention agent, and texturizing agent in cheese, frozen dairy desserts, meat, and poultry products.

In many countries, the normal cassia gum E499 is not acceptable for human food. Hence a purified version of cassia gum powder is manufactured that is acceptable for food grade. This is a different grade from the normal Cassia Gum powder as it is completely safe for human food consumption. The Cassia Gum of grade E427 is acceptable as a standard human food in all countries. The natural and purified cassia gum powder is a natural polymer in the galactomannan family.

More About Purified Cassia Gum Powder

It possesses a unique branched polysaccharide galactose/mannose structure of cassia gum. A smaller amount of hydrocolloid blend containing purified cassia gum is needed in a food product to achieve the same effect as with carrageenan alone or blends of carrageenan with other related galactomannans. This excellent restoring ability of the purified gum powder makes it an excellent gelling agent much demanded by the commercial food application industry. It also serves as an effective stimulant and tonic and much preferred in the medical industry as well.

Cassia Gum Powder - Cassia Gum of grade E427

Chemical Properties of Purified Cassia Gum Powder

The cassia gum powder when purified becomes vicious in aqueous solutions and has the property of forming a gel when combined with other seed extracts. When combined with Kappa Carageen it forms a hard gel and when combined with Xanthum gum it has the capability of forming solid and elastic gels that can provide a rich creamy texture.

Some Important Properties of the Purified Form of Cassia Gum Powder

The pure form of cassia powder provides a texture improvement in concentrations and has evolved as an ingredient useful in various food applications and comparable to other edible natural gums. It is naturally grown from the grown raw materials of Cassia Seeds and manufacturers have set strong quality control for any impurities. What makes it unique is its characteristics of:

  • Its synergy with many food systems and its ability to create innovative textures.
  • The water-binding taste of the purified form of cassia gum powder helps in giving a thicker and richer mouth feel to the taste of food. It can also act as a substitute for the replacement of fats in low processed foods
  • The Pure Cassia Gum Powder (E427) along with other edible gums and materials in the appropriate proportions is very effective in holding emulsions together.
  • The building block of the polysaccharides helps to impart unique properties within the formulation.
  • When combined with other hydrocolloids and specific proteins it offers an excellent value proposition.
  • It offers various texturization benefits like favourable spreadability, creaminess, and texture optimization.
  • It is very cost-effective in the manufacture of human food like ice-creams, tomato ketchup, cheese, sauce, and yogurt.

Cassia Gum Powder – A Natural Wonder

Cassia Gum Powder is a highly efficient food additive that is majorly demanded due to its ability to serve multiple benefits. It acts like a viciousness stabilizer and is derived from a natural ingredient. Besides having wonderful stabilizing and emulsifying qualities it is also a cost-effective option as very little quantity needs to be used for any human food application. It is a highly adaptive additive that exporters of high-quality grade supply globally from India. It is highly used in kinds of ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, sweets, jams, desserts, processed cheese, meat, and many more.

Purified Cassia Gum Powder for Human Food Application